Important Events

Dec’ 1907: Shri Jivanlal and Shri Balwantrai resigned from government job
1stJan’ 1908: Maganbhai’s Haveli (proposed 1st school building) burnt to ashes
6thJan’ 1908: School opened in Mascati Market and got affiliated with Mumbai University
1913: School shifted to Balentines’ Haveli
1915: Co-education started with 1st girl student Shri. Indira Sant daughter of Shri Vamanrao Govindrao Sant who was teacher in our school
1919: School canceled its affiliation of Mumbai University as per instructions of Mahatma Gandhi and got affiliated with Gujarat Vidyapeeth
1926: School re-affiliated with Mumbai University
May’ 1930: Announcement of school trust
Oct’ 1931: Registration of School trust and trustees were Shri Jivanlal Divan, Shri Balawantrai Thakore, Dr. Balwantrai Kanuga, Sheth Ratilal Nathalal and Shri Jayantilal Narbheram Thakore
July’1932: Provident Fund started for school teachers
1933: School completed 25 successful years
1934: School’s Silver jubilee celebrated, delayed by an year as Shri Jeevanlal was in jail
6thJan’ 1934: Silver Jubilee was celebrated, past students collected Rs.5001 and gave it to both founders as their Gurudakshina; Teachers also collected Rs.501 and gave it to both founders, all the money went into building fund for new school premises
1938: New school building came up on Kankaria Ground, Building expense was Rs.1,40,323.
14thJun’ 1938: Inauguration of new building done by Shri Balgangadhar Kher, Chief Minister Mumbai state
21stJan’ 1939: Sad demise of Shri Balwantrai Parmodrai Thakore
26thJan’ 1942: Inauguration of Ballubhai Vyayam Shala in Kankaria Premises by Shri Morarjibhai Desai
8thJun’ 1942: Inauguration of Ellisbridge School in Shrimali Boarding
9thAug’ 1942: Quit India Movement started by Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Jivanlal along with other teachers and students were sent to Sabarmati Jail. School was closed for some time. 6th Jan’1943 foundation day of the school was celebrated in jail and chief guest was Shri Dadasaheb Mavlankar.
12thJan’ 1946: Unveiling portrait of Late Shri Pransukhlal Mafatlal by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
9thDec’ 1947: Mumbai government approved and registered the school and started school grant
1stDec’ 1952: Sad demise Shri Jivanlal Divan
June’ 1953: School name changed from “The Proprietary High School” to “Divan-Ballubhai Madhyamik Shala”
17thOct’ 1953: Ellisbridge School’s current building near Sardar Bridge inaugurated
7thFeb’ 1954: Oil painting of founder Shri Jivanlal Divan unveiled by Shri Dadasaheb Mavlankar
14thJun’ 1955: Inauguration of Jivanlal Divan Udyog Mandir in Kankaria Premises by Shri Chandubhai
1stJan’ 1957: General meeting was held and all the past students were invited. Principal Shri Thakorelal Shripatrai Thakore declared planning of celebrating golden jubilee of school in an elaborate way by organizing different events for 8 to 10 days.
29thDec’ 1957: Golden Jubilee celebrations started.
6thJan’ 1958: Sweets were distributed in a special paper plates with school name printed on it. 5000 such paper plates were made for all past and present students.
7thJan’ 1958: Golden Jubilee celebrations commenced
7thMay’ 1959: As a part of Golden Jubilee celebration a special month long train tour was organized to South India
16thOct’ 1960: Inauguration of technical institute and Suvarna Jayanti Mahotsav Aank by education minister Shri Hitendrabhai Desai
1978: Diamond Jubilee Amrit Mahotsav ceremony of Shri Thakorebhai Shripatrai Thakore
1978: Inauguration of Shikshan Bhavan
23rdAug’ 1990: Sad demise of Shri Thakorebhai Shripatrai Thakore
6thJan’ 1993: Diamond Jubilee celebration of school
10thApr’ 2004: First Alumni Meet at Rifle Club, Khanpur, Ahmedabad, Shri Ajay Patel – President (Founder)
27thJun’ 2004: Inauguration of Guru Dakshina Bhavan – Pre Primary School, Kankaria
June’ 2006: English Medium in Primary school started in Kankaria and Rajnagar
6thJan’ 2007: Centenary Year opening ceremony – Chief Guest Swami Sachchianand and Guest of Honor Dr. Gautam G. BodiwalaCentenary Year opening ceremony – Chief Guest Swami Sachchianand and Guest of Honor Dr. Gautam G. Bodiwala
30thDec’ 2007: Learning Resource Center (LRC) inaugurated by Shri B.J.Divan at Kankaria School
4th-6th Jan’ 2008: Centenary Year commenced: Special Guests Shri Kumarpal Desai, Shri Uttpal Vora, Shri Bakul Dholakia
12thMar’ 2012: Sad demise of Shri Bipinchandra Jivanlal Divan
June’ 2016: English Medium in Secondary School started at Kankaria and Paldi